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History Site of the Oldest Continuous Major Womens FastPitch Team in the World - Since 1930 - Located in Pekin Illinois


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Reply Chelsey Eldred
3:28 PM on October 13, 2017 
My great grandmother is listed on here as she was one of the first women to begin playing semi professional softball. I would like to ask that you spell her name correctly on here. Her last name is Eldred, you have it spelled as Rldred. Betty McCarty-Eldred.
Reply Terry Fountain
3:30 PM on January 14, 2014 
Thanks Scott. I know in 1942 Jax went up against the Chicago Matchettes for the championship. Do you know who Jax went up against in the 1943 championship game? The records seem to be blank. If you do know, can you please let me know where you found this information. Thank you for helping me find the answers to these questions. Respectfully, Terry
Reply Scott Shults (nouncr)
1:46 PM on January 14, 2014 

1942 @ Detroit Michigan - Won By New Orleans Jax Brewers  .....

1943 @ Detroit Michigan - Won By New Orleans Jax Brewers .....


Reply Terry Fountain
7:07 PM on January 13, 2014 

Love Softball history and hoping your books can help me out with some information. I'm trying to find out where the 1942-43 Women's World Championship was played. I'd appreciate any information you can point in my direction.


Reply Karen Stewart
10:21 PM on August 7, 2013 

Hi, I was working on my family genealogy and came across my aunt's name as having been a part of your team in 1942-44. Her name was Erylene Ora House and she enlisted in the Army in February of 1944 after she turned 21. She was a private in the Womens Army Corps. I heard stories about her playing semi-pro baseball in Illinois and was searching for any data I could find and found your website. Can you verify her participation and furnish me with any other information about her time with the Pekin Lettes?  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Reply penny marie lange
4:03 PM on July 30, 2012 
I Was Just Browsing TodayOn A Completely Unrelated Topic Of Interest On Google Images And The Results I Got Were Filled With Women Professional Softball/Baseball Images Of Women That Obviously Were Players Back In A Day And Time Long Before Me Who Only Played In Our Own Little Glendora Community Lassie Leagues And High School Sports In The 60's Through The 70's And Beyond Ny That Time On women's all Pitch Or CoEd Softball Teams For Leagues And Tournaments In Our State Of California And Western Regional United States In In Recreational Ball.I Am Blessed To Have Stumbled upon This Website To See These Ladies Who Yes Did Pave The Way And Made It Possible Therefore For Girls And Women For Generations Like Mine To Have First The Opportunity To Play Ball On the Field Competively In Organized Recreation ,Scholastic and Sometime After My Day In collegate Sports With Many Of The Same Open Doors As The Boys And the Men.Olympic Play Also And I Am Touched And Eith All My Heart At 55 Still Alive And my Heart And Soul Remains However In the Game. I Am Grateful And Carry On Whereevr it May Or May not Be That You live On Here And Three And everywhere And Now Today Also In Me. Great Aplause And recognition To Those Who Created and Administer This Site For Those Ladys and For The Rest of us To See.
Reply Sue McKee
7:09 PM on September 25, 2011 

Lorraine McManus is listed on your website. That is my late Mom's name and she lived in Pekin. I don't remember her saying anything about ball, but her first husband was Lou Abreo...a semi pro (pitcher)I guess you'd call it.Maybe just a fluke. Still, who is the Lorraine McManus on your site?


Reply markr
1:42 PM on August 7, 2011 


                I found your website and pleased to tell you recently I purchased a photo of the 1943 Peoria Deiselettes, If your interested in a copy please contact me.

Reply Cassie Breitbarth Rodgers
7:07 PM on July 24, 2011 

Love touring this site.  I found some pics of my sister, Tammy Breitbarth, but none of my Mom Jan Isonhart Breitbarth.  Gonna have to see if my daughter, who played softball, would be willing to let me scan some of the pics Grandma gave her of her Lettes days. 

Mom will be 80 in May of 2012 and we'd love to be able to get some of her old ball playing buddies together to help celebrate.  If any of you are reading this, Mom battled and beat thyroid cancer over the last 3 years (2008-11).  It was a very long tough road but she now cancer free.  She's still building her strength but doing better every day.

I have such fond memories of Sunday's spent at Mineral Springs Park watching the Lettes, both my Mom's friends and then my sister.  I remember a state champsionship game that Tammy played that went 20 innings and if memory serves ended with the Lettes winning 1-0!  Wow...that was some game and so exciting!!!  I think that was in the early 80's.

Keep the site going and I'd love to see people post more pics and stories.  I've heard some from Mom's time and they are awesome!  I'm so proud that my Mom was one of the women who helped pave the way for my daughter and the girls today play ball and be true athletes!

Reply dwnikkijameso9
9:19 AM on June 16, 2011 
Great web-site sincerely, Dong Kutcher

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