Pekin Lettes

History Site of the Oldest Continuous Major Womens FastPitch Team in the World - Since 1930 - Located in Pekin Illinois

The World Famous "Pekin Lettes" of the 60's

Great Defensive Play !!!

Great Pitchers from the Past !!!

Lettes Sluggers !!!

The Late Coach Chuck McCord

Early 60's Lettes Players !!!

"Third in the World and First in the Hearts of Pekin People"

as Described by Pekin Mayor Norm Shade  - August 31 - 1965

The 1965 Pekin Lettes

Front Row

Marlys Taber - Joan Nelson - Irene Kerwin

Gerry Hammerstrand - Pauline Sclicher - Marty Green

Back Row

Bonnie Swanson - Cynthia Adams - Diane Manley - Ann Mullins 

 Lorene Ramsey - Pat Alexander - Fran Seketa - Chuck McCord

Thanks to Marian Hoffman for Preserving and Donating Photos

Summer of  '65'

Pekin Lettes All-Stars with

Kim Hoffman Diegel & Kevin Hoffman (wheelchair)

Marlys Taber - Fran Seketa - Ann Mullins - Lorene Ramsey